TimeTraveler Features

TimeTraveler is a multipurpose PC clock application that can show the current time in many different locations. Any number of alarm clocks, stopwatches, and countdown timers can be simultaneously displayed. Each can display the current time, elapsed time, remaining time, date, or location in a variety of customizable formats. A Time Converter allows conversion between times and dates in any of the many built-in or custom time zones. The user can select between many different alarm sounds, or use a computer synthesized voice, which can also announce the time at regular intervals. Clocks can be placed on a solid color or transparent background and can be configured to display above all other windows.


In the example above, three clocks are shown, each displaying a different time zone. One is outlined because it has been selected with the mouse.

Clock Types

There are three basic clock types, as shown here. These examples also show various colors, fonts, sizes, formats, and shadow features, all of which are customizable.

Alarm Clock Countdown Timer Stopwatch
AlarmClock Count Down Stopwatch