ExpressoFree Download of Expresso 3.0

1. Install Expresso 3.0 (Version 3.0.5854 - January 11, 2016*):

  • Download  and run "ExpressoSetup3.msi"

  • You may be prompted to install the .NET Framework. If you are not taken there automatically, download and install the 2.0 or later version of the framework from the Microsoft web site. Restart the Expresso install file after installing the framework.

2. Run Expresso

  • To begin editing and testing regular expressions, just select Expresso from the start menu!

  • To load the 30 Minute Regex Tutorial, select the tutorial from the start menu.

3. Fill out the Registration Form to receive a free registration code, which is necessary after a 60 day trial.

4. Please send any comments or bug reports to the email support address at the bottom of this page.

* If you have not registered, Version 3.0.5854 will expire after 60 days or on January 1, 2019, whichever comes first.